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Hutch gang criminal who stole nurse's car avoids extra time in jail


Christopher Coakley was on drugs at the time

Christopher Coakley was on drugs at the time

Christopher Coakley was on drugs at the time

A 25-year-old member of the Hutch faction who has been jailed for six years for hijacking a nurse's car during a drug-induced psychosis won't have to serve any extra jail time.

Christopher Coakley from Empress Place in Dublin's north-inner city will not serve any additional time in prison because the sentence will run concurrent to terms he is doing for a previous hijacking and an armed robbery.


Coakley is a known member of the Hutch faction but is considered too reckless to be involved in serious organised criminal plots, but he has close links to a 23-year-old criminal who the Kinahan cartel blame for being involved in the Regency bloodbath which led to the murder of David Byrne.

Dublin Circuit Court heard this week that Coakley struggled with the woman to take her keys in the early hours of the morning near Temple Street Hospital and then reversed the car "like a mad man" with no lights on in April 2015.

He went on to cause a collision with another car and later the nurse's car was found burnt out.

Months earlier, he pretended to be a customer in a bookmakers while his co-accused held a Stanley blade to his throat and demanded money from staff.

Judge Patricia Ryan noted from reports handed into the court that Coakley had been suffering a "drug-induced psychosis" during this period.

Coakley, who has 101 previous convictions, is currently serving a six-year term for an armed robbery imposed last December and a three-year term for a previous hijacking in 2012 imposed in July 2015. He is due for release in 2020.

Coakley has spent more than half his life in institutions after leaving school following national school and has been a heroin addict since he was 13.

Last December in a separate court case, it emerged that Coakley took part in an armed robbery during which the victim had a gun pointed at her head and was dragged along the ground.

He was one of two raiders who got in under the shutters of the Spar on Stiles Road in Clontarf before they "floored" the manager, and dragged her down the aisles demanding the shop keys from her.


The alarm was going off and they pointed an imitation gun to the woman's head to force her to give them the code. She instructed the men how to turn off the alarm but when they were unsuccessful she was held by the neck.

The woman was continually held by the neck and dragged as the robbers demanded that she get them the safe.

Another case in July 2015 heard Coakley hijacked the car of a woman with her child on the back seat.