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Housewife 'forced us out' claim tenants

A Dalkey housewife "and her associates" forcibly removed a couple from the house they had rented from her in what the tenants described as a "horrendous and frightening" experience, the High Court heard.

Mr Justice Paul McDermott has been asked by bank receivers Liam Dowdall and Sean McNamara for injunctions restraining Joan O'Connor, Pinehaven, Dalkey Avenue, Dalkey, and her husband, Pat O'Connor, of Ballymore Lane, Craughwell, Co Galway, from obstructing their activities.

Barrister William Abrahamson told the court that the O'Connors had raised a loan from Ulster Bank to buy 9 Dalkey Avenue, Dalkey, on which they had developed two houses, Pinehaven, where Mrs O'Connor still lived, and The Laurels, just next door, which they had rented to Patrick and Phyllis Glavin.

Mr Abrahamson, counsel for the bank-appointed receivers, said a second loan had been granted to the couple to buy in Craughwell, Co Galway, where Mr O'Connor now lived.

Due to mounting arrears the bank had called in both loans amounting to more than €2m.

When it was not repaid, the bank, under a mortgage clause, appointed Mr Dowdall and Mr McNamara as receivers over The Laurels house and the Craughwell property.

Mrs O'Connor in particular had actively sought to impede the progress of the receivership, the court heard.

The tenants in The Laurels, Mr and Mrs Glavin, had accepted they would have to leave and had been co-operating with the receivers, paying their rent as normal, but had been intimidated by Mrs O'Connor, who had forcibly removed the Glavins and changed the locks.


Mr Dowdall said in an affidavit he believed the defendants were intent on obstructing the receivers and it would continue unless they were restrained by the court.

Judge McDermott said he would rule on the application for injunctions in September.