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Hotel room is trashed after 'drink spiked'


Each of the accidents involved two-vehicle collisions

Each of the accidents involved two-vehicle collisions

Each of the accidents involved two-vehicle collisions

A BIRTHDAY party reveller smashed a hotel room TV and put his fist through the wall because he believed one of his friends had spiked his drink.

Declan Higgins (22) had booked into the room with a group of pals to celebrate his birthday.

He caused the damage when he struck the wall and TV because he "didn't want to hit his friend", Dublin District Court was told.

Judge Cormac Dunne ordered a pre-sentence probation report and adjourned the case against him.

Higgins, with an address at Oliver Bond House, Bridgefoot Street, pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage at Stay City Apartments, St Augustine Street, Dublin 8.

The court heard gardai received a report that a guest had caused damage to a TV in a room last August 27. When they arrived, they were told the accused had had a disagreement with his friends and "in his frustration" broke the TV, which cost €229, and caused another €100 worth of damage to the wall.

The defendant had no previous convictions of any kind. He had written a letter of apology to the hotel. The owners had retained the €350 deposit he had paid.


The accused was on a night out with friends for his birthday, his solicitor Stephen O'Mahony said.

Six of them had booked a room in the premises which was "a hotel of sorts".

Higgins believed his drink was spiked and he "lost the run of himself". Things escalated and he broke the TV.

Higgins immediately went to reception and told staff what had happened, the court heard. He also went outside and beckoned gardai over.

The accused explained that his birthday had been the next day and he was celebrating.

One of the people in the group told him that one of his friends had spiked his drink.

He became angry because he did not take drugs. He hit the wall to try to calm down and because he "didn't want to hit his friend".

His fist went through and he got "even madder" and hit the television.

The court heard he had been "a bit depressed at the time" because of a knee injury.

Judge Dunne said he wanted to see a probation report on the defendant before finalising the case and adjourned it to a date next month.

Higgins was remanded on continuing bail.