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Hospital patient shouted abuse


St James Hospital

St James Hospital

St James Hospital

A man who arrived drunk for treatment at a hospital was arrested after he began shouting abuse at medical staff.

Gardai were called to St James's Hospital on March 19 last at 7.50pm and met a nurse who was concerned about a patient who was being refused treatment.

Darren Gleeson was so drunk he was a danger to himself and was shouting abuse at orderlies and medical staff.

The accused - of Westcourt, Basin Street in the south inner city - was arrested and brought to Kevin Street Garda Station.

In Dublin District Court Gleeson was given a one-month suspended sentence over his behaviour in the hospital.

The 35-year-old pleaded guilty to public drunkenness and causing a breach of the peace.

Gleeson has a neurological condition which manifests itself as epilepsy, his barrister said.

He had been to the hospital before in relation to this.

He had a "slip" with alcohol on the night.

Judge Patrick Clyne observed that it had not been long after the "festival of our national patron saint" and he presumed this was when "it started".

"Perhaps it turned into a prolonged feast," his barrister said.