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Hip op claim may be the first of many

A WOMAN plans to bring what is expected to be the first of many cases over allegedly defective hip implants, the High Court heard yesterday.

The case has been brought by Irene Pierson, who is one of thousands of people who had DePuy Orthopaedics hip joints fitted in Irish hospitals before DePuy ordered a worldwide recall of the product in 2010.

The action is believed to be one of a number of similar cases pending.

Yesterday the court heard Ms Pierson intends to bring an action against DePuy Inc, Johnson & Johnson Inc, which owns DePuy Inc, and the Health Service Executive.

In her claim, Ms Pierson alleges that she entered into a contract with the HSE in March 2007 to have a right hip implant fitted and in September 2008 to have a left hip implant fitted.


It is alleged that the products were not of merchantable quality, and have both started to malfunction.

Ms Pierson said she was informed by letter that she had been fitted with a recalled DePuy hip in Navan General Hospital, in Co Meath.

Yesterday her solicitor Edward McGarr said that he wished to serve notice of the proceedings against DePuy International Ltd, which has a registered address in Leeds in England, DePuy Orthopaedics Inc and DePuy Inc, which have registered addresses in Indiana in the US, and Johnson & Johnson Inc, which has a registered address in New Jersey in the US.

Permission to serve the intended defendants was granted by Mr Justice Michael Peart.