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'He stuck shears in him' teen murder trial hears

A DUBLIN murder trial has seen footage of an interview in which a suspect blamed his co-accused for killing a teenager who was in State care at the time.

Richard Dekker told gardai that Trevor Noone stuck half a garden shears into 17-year-old Daniel McAnaspie's back and twisted it to make sure he was dead.

Dekker (27) and Noone (25), both of Whitestown Avenue, Blanchardstown, have each pleaded not guilty to murdering the teenager at Tolka Valley Park, Blanchardstown on February 26, 2010.

The Central Criminal Court trial has already heard that his badly decomposed body was found three months later in a ditch on a farm in Meath.

Detective Garda Patrick McDonagh testified yesterday that Dekker first denied all knowledge of the murder following his arrest on May 24 that year.

He said he first indicated he knew something when he was returning to his cell following interview that afternoon.

"Why are you crying, Richard?"

"I just want to get this off my chest," replied Dekker. "That f****r Noone is always getting me into trouble. I told him to stop stabbing him."

The interview shown on video was conducted the following morning, and began with Dekker being shown a copy of Noone's interview, in which he blamed Dekker for the killing.

"F ... Jesus," he said as he saw the first lines.

"F*** him. I'm going to tell ye everything now," said Dekker.

"He's a scumbag lying b******. He did everything," he said, describing Noone as a "dirt bird".

"He done it for f***ing nothing. He wanted to give your man a hiding over fighting with his cousin," said Dekker.

He said that Noone had asked them to walk down to the Tolka in the early hours of that morning. He said Noone had taken a garden shears out of Dekker's front garden.

"Trevor had the shears in his hand and stuck it in his back," he said. "He just went bang into his back and the young fella fell towards the river."

He said that Mr McAnaspie tried to escape across the river but couldn't.

"He said: 'Lads, I'm dying. I'm dying. Just leave it'," said Dekker of the teenager's plea.

"I begged Trevor. I was f***ing crying," he added. "I said: 'He's dying. Leave him'."

"I thought he was going to kill me," he said, telling gardai that Noone had previously stabbed a dog to death.

He said that Mr McAnaspie knew that Noone had a shears with him, but didn't know he 'was going to give it to him'.

"I know the last stab wound that killed him was vicious," said Dekker. "He stuck the whole shears straight into him and twisted it and just made sure he was dead."

He said the shears had gone into his back but could have come out through his front.

"He had that glare in his eyes. He had that evil in his eyes," he said of Noone.

"He viciously stuck that into his back. He made a noise and said: 'He has to go'," he claimed.

The trial continues.