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'He dragged me down hall and into glass door'

A FORMER engineer has said he was dragged down a hallway at a house party before being pitched through a glass door.

Brian Keane (28) of Glenlyon Park, Knocklyon, has pleaded not guilty to assaulting Jairo Adreas Diaz (33) causing him harm by forcing him through a glass door at a Good Friday party at Richelieu Park, Sandyford between April 14 and 15, 2006.

Mr Diaz, who used to work as an engineer for Ericsson, told Dublin Criminal Circuit Court that he didn't feel Keane had made any attempt to separate from him as he dragged him towards the door.


Under cross-examination, Mr Diaz agreed with Paul Greene, defending, that he'd used the phrase "I went flying back towards the door" in an April 2006 statement but explained this was because he hadn't known the verb "drag" at the time.

Mr Greene put it to Mr Diaz that his client says he grabbed Mr Diaz by his shirt's neck because he was "hitting" on his girlfriend Mary Lawlor seconds before the incident.

Mr Greene suggested that Mr Diaz had put his hands on Ms Lawlor's back, pulled at a string on her top and rubbed his shoulder up against her.

Mr Diaz replied he didn't recall such physical contact, adding: "If I don't know a person, I'm quite careful of that person's personal space."

Mr Greene asked him if the same rules applied "after you've drunk a bottle of wine?"

Mr Greene said that Keane will give evidence that he did not square up to the complainant or threaten him with a punch before he grabbed him and removed him from the room.

Mr Greene put it to Mr Diaz that his client says he pushed him away from his girlfriend and tried to let go but Mr Diaz placed his hands on Mr Keane's and they both fell through the door.

Mr Diaz disputed putting his hands on Keane's forearms saying he was "taken off guard completely", which is why he fell face-first into the glass.

He said he had to get stitches on his thumb because his right hand also went through the glass.

Mr Diaz added that once Keane had him he didn't make any effort to "disengage" before the incident, which left him blind in one eye.

The trial continues.