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Hairdresser's finger severed in car door


Thomas Dennis

Thomas Dennis

Thomas Dennis

A YOUNG man drove away from a nightclub with a woman's finger caught in the car door, severing it below the nail, a court heard.

Thomas Dennis (22) reported the incident to gardai the next afternoon after consulting with his father when he found the severed fingertip in his car.

He was collecting friends from a nightclub in Balbriggan when hairdresser Shauna Weldon came over to the car and he drove away not realising her hand was caught in the door.

Judge John Coughlan convicted and fined Dennis €100.

The defendant, of Newtown Parks, Skerries, was found guilty of failing to report an occurrence at Quay Street, Balbriggan, on December 16, 2012.

Dennis claimed he was picking up two friends when Ms Weldon came over to the car and opened the door.

This was disputed by Ms Weldon and her friend, who both claimed the door was open.

Swords District Court heard Dennis did not know Ms Weldon, and he told the front seat passenger, Jordan Russell, to close the door and he drove off.

Ms Weldon's ring finger became caught in the car door and the top part, to below the nail line, was severed.

Dennis looked in his mirror as he drove off and he saw a woman had fallen, but thought it was due to intoxication.

He said the severed finger fell out when he opened the car door the next day and he reported the incident when he realised what had happened.

The fingertip was not found and gardai believe a bird or dog must have taken it.