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Gun suspect 'planned to kill every journalist'


Jarrod Warren Ramos. Photo: AP

Jarrod Warren Ramos. Photo: AP

Jarrod Warren Ramos. Photo: AP

A man charged with killing five people at a Maryland newspaper sent three letters on the day of the attack, police said, including one that said he was on his way to the Capital Gazette newsroom with the aim "of killing every person present".

Sergeant Jacklyn Davis said the letters were received on Monday. They were mailed to a lawyer for the newspaper, a judge and a retired judge.

The letter that Jarrod Ramos sent to the Gazette's lawyer was written to resemble a legal motion for reconsideration of his unsuccessful 2012 defamation lawsuit against the paper.

"If this is how the Maryland Judiciary operates, the law now means nothing," Ramos wrote.


He quoted a description of the purpose of a defamation suit, saying it was intended for a defamed person to "resort to the courts for relief instead of wreaking his own vengeance".

"That is how your judiciary operates, you were too cowardly to confront those lies, and this is your receipt," Ramos wrote.

He signed it under the chilling statement: "I told you so."

Below that, he wrote that he was going to the newspaper's office "with the objective of killing every person present".

Ramos (38) has a history of harassing the paper's journalists. Police found him hiding under a desk after last Thursday's attack and jailed him on five counts of first-degree murder.

At a memorial service on Monday, former Gazette publisher Tom Marquardt said he once slept with a baseball bat by his bed because he was so worried about Ramos.