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Guest (37) accused of party sex attack

A house party guest has been accused of creeping into a young woman's bed and sexually assaulting her as she slept.

Charlie Potts (37) was allegedly found in bed next to the woman in her south Dublin home, where a birthday party was being held.

Her own partner was downstairs at the time of the alleged attack.

Potts appeared in Dun Laoghaire District Court facing a single charge of sexual assault in the incident on April 12 last year.

The defendant, of Urney Road, Clady, Strabane, Co Antrim was remanded on continuing bail to decide how he is going to plead in the case.

Sgt Mary Diskin said it would be alleged that the accused called to the house at around 2am and was initially refused entry by the woman's brother.

After some "horseplay" between the men at the doorstep, he was allowed inside. The woman was there and went to bed, followed by a friend who went to check on her.

The friend sat on the bed as she waited for a taxi, leaving the woman asleep and clothed on the bed. Later, the alleged victim woke to find someone lying on top of her, with their arm across her waist and hand under her clothes, touching her.

It was alleged her brother came up to check on his own girlfriend and saw the accused lying behind his sister with his arm around her waist. He came back up with his sister's partner and they confronted the accused, it was alleged.

The court heard the woman did not know Potts, but he knew some people at the party.

Judge Anne Ryan asked how the woman had been after the incident.


"I don't think she realised what was happening until she woke up, she was in a sleeping state," Sgt Diskin said.

The court heard the accused had been bought a ticket to go to Germany, but gardai were objecting to his passport being returned to him, as he had an address outside the State.

Judge Ryan adjourned the case to January 19, for the defendant to plead or be given a date for hearing.

Potts was remanded on continuing bail of €1,000, on condition he lives at a given south Dublin address and signs on at a garda station.