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Guerin killer caught out as he smuggles drugs into jail


Brian Meehan

Brian Meehan

Brian Meehan

KILLER Brian Meehan smuggled drugs inside his body into prison after they were passed to him by a relative.

Bosses at Portlaoise Prison launched a major probe after receiving information that the notorious criminal had brought drugs into his jail cell undetected.

The Herald can reveal that officers approached Meehan, who was convicted for the murder of journalist Veronica Guerin, and found he was concealing a quantity of cannabis.

CCTV footage revealed that the drug had changed hands during a jail visit by a relation of Meehan last Wednesday.

As the pair sat down in the visiting section, Meehan's relative passed him the cannabis, which he quickly concealed within his body.

But after authorities received information about the hand-over, Meehan was told to remove the contraband.

A prison source last night said the matter was being taken very seriously. "Regardless of the quantity of drugs, smuggling it into prison is something we come down very hard on."


Meehan is believed to have lost all privileges for the next 56 days. Gardai are investigating and are likely to interview Meehan's relation.

Sources say the incident has caused tensions in the jail among inmates who have developed a dislike of Meehan.

Meehan (48), who is originally from Crumlin, was jailed for life by the Special Criminal Court 14 years ago for Veronica's murder on June 26, 1996.

He was also jailed on drugs and firearms charges.

The court found that Meehan was the driver of the motorbike from which a gunman fired six shots into Ms Guerin's body while she sat in her car at traffic lights on the Naas Road.

But Meehan contends that material disclosed for the 2001 trial of John Gilligan show his 1999 conviction was a miscarriage of justice. Gilligan was convicted on drugs charges and remains in prison.

Meehan alleges the material undermines the evidence of protected witness Russell Warren, which was central to the Special Criminal Court's verdict.

He also claims new evidence shows the trial court incorrectly assessed the level of phone contact between Warren and a phone registered to him on the day of the murder.