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Guard let his then-partner steal from job

A SUPERMARKET security guard who let his then-girlfriend shoplift from his workplace has been told he can avoid a conviction if he makes a donation to charity.

Stephen Cassidy (29) moved a CCTV camera and turned a blind eye while two shoplifters stole €975 of groceries from a Tesco over two dates.

Cassidy was caught after his manager became suspicious. It later emerged that he was in a relationship with one of the women.

Judge Michael Walsh told him to pay €200 to charity by a date next month, and said if this was done he would apply the Probation Act and leave him without a conviction.

He made the order after a favourable probation report on the defendant was presented to him at Dublin District Court.

Cassidy, of Grange Lodge Avenue, Clongriffin, pleaded guilty to two counts of theft from Tesco in Fleet Street.

The court heard €600 and €375 worth of goods were taken from the store last December 6 and December 16 respectively.

Tesco management became suspicious that Cassidy had not done all he could to stop the women on the first date.


While the defendant was also working on the second date, a different security guard had been brought on site.

He stopped the women as they left the supermarket.

All three were arrested afterwards and it became apparent that Cassidy was in a relationship with one of the thieves.

It also emerged that before the first theft he knew what was about to happen, so he moved a CCTV camera.

"It was the idea of his partner to become involved in this enterprise, and he reluctantly agreed to carry out the deed," defence solicitor Michael French told the court.

"It was incredibly naive and gullible of my client to do this.

"He is incredibly remorseful and has already been discharged from his position as a result of this incident."

The court was told that the defendant was no longer in a relationship with the woman.

Mr French also said that a conviction would severely hamper his client's chance of getting another job.

The defendant had no previous convictions of any kind, the solicitor added.