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Grandad (47) tried to climb in window

A GRANDFATHER seen trying to get into a stranger's home through the front window claimed he had got lost after leaving a house party and had returned to the wrong address.

Mark Kavanagh (47) was spotted by the householder pulling at his living room window and replied, "I'm not a gaff robber" when confronted, then left the scene.

Denying criminal trespass, he claimed he had been drinking all night, got lost and thought he had returned to the house the party had been in.

Kavanagh, of Glenmore Park, Rathfarnham, denied trespassing at Coultry Gardens, Ballymun, on October 27, 2012.

He also denied failing to give gardai his name and address.

Judge Michael Walsh found him guilty, but told him he could avoid a jail sentence by carrying out community service instead.

The householder told Dublin District Court he woke at 8.50am to the sound of his dog barking and looked out the window to see Kavanagh holding both corners of his downstairs front window.

"He was trying to gain access to the house," the witness said.

"He was basically pulling at both corners of the window."