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Gran tells jury of her kidnap hell

A GRANDMOTHER has told a jury that she and a nine-year-old girl were pushed into a car after being kidnapped from her home by armed men.

Angela Shannon's son Reg, who is a Brinks Allied worker, earlier told the trial that he had been out walking his dog around 5am when two men grabbed him and instructed him to go back to his home.

The raiders later took the woman and child from the house before forcing Mr Shannon to drive around Dublin. He was then instructed to pull into an alleyway behind the Bank of Ireland in O'Connell Street where his colleagues were about to deliver cash.

Mr Shannon said when the cash in transit van arrived he was told to get money off his colleagues. He had earlier been given a phone by the raiders from which he continued to receive directions from them.

He said he approached the van and explained the situation to his colleagues telling them: "My family has been taken in a Tiger kidnapping and I need to get money."


He then handed his colleague bags from the back of the van he had been driving and the man filled it up with money after calling Brinks Allied for the necessary security codes.

Mr Shannon said he was then given further instructions to drive to the Skylon Hotel and leave the money, the phone and the car keys behind in it. He was then told to get a train towards Bray where he later reported the kidnapping to local gardai. Stefan Saunders (34), of Hazelbury Park, Blanchardstown, has pleaded not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to robbing €134,000 from Mr Shannon on January 4, 2010, and to falsely imprisoning him, Mrs Shannon and the child at O'Connell Gardens, Bath Avenue, Dublin 4.

The little girl's interview was read out to the jury. She told gardai: "These people came to the house and they took us out in the car and they drove us around for ages".

Mrs Shannon said the men had "hoods over their faces and guns". She said one of the men told them: "You are not the first and you won't be the last, just do what we say and no harm will come to you".

The trial continues.