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Gran murder accused 'visited 3 times in jail by daughter of victim'


Victim Patricia O’Connor

Victim Patricia O’Connor

Victim Patricia O’Connor

Murder accused Kieran Greene was visited in jail three times by his then girlfriend Louise O'Connor in the months after he is alleged to have killed her mother Patricia, a jury has heard.

Prison records showed that over the course of six months in 2017, Mr Greene was visited by Ms O'Connor once on her own and twice with her ex-partner Keith Johnston. Both are accuused of impeding Mr Greene's prosecution for murder.

The evidence was tendered at the request of the defence when the trial resumed at the Central Criminal Court yesterday afternoon.

Four people are charged over grandmother-of-seven Patricia O'Connor's death.

Mr Greene (34) is accused of murder, while Louise O'Connor (41), her daughter Stephanie O'Connor (22) and Mr Johnston (41) are charged with impeding the investigation.

They all deny the charges.

Patricia O'Connor (61), a retired hospital cleaner, was allegedly murdered on May 29, 2017, at the house in Mountain View Park, Rathfarnham, that she shared with family including Louise, Stephanie and Mr Greene.

Her dismembered body was found in 15 parts, scattered in the Dublin and Wicklow mountains between June 10 and 14 that year.

Stephanie is accused of disguising herself as her grandmother after her alleged murder to pretend she was still alive, while her mother Louise allegedly agreed to this.

Mr Johnston is accused of assisting Mr Greene in buying implements to use in the concealment of Ms O'Connor's remains and refurbishing the bathroom at the house to destroy or conceal evidence.


Yesterday, Walter Burke, a senior manager with the Irish Prison Service, was tendered as a witness by the prosecution at the request of the defence.

He said a request was made for records of visits to Mr Greene from when he was in prison at Cloverhill on remand, covering the period from June 17 to December 7, 2017.

Louise O'Connor was recorded as Mr Greene's girlfriend, visiting on June 17. On September 2, Mr Johnston was recorded visiting as "friend".

Both Ms O'Connor and Mr Johnston visited on October 14 and again on November 16.

Mr Burke told Michael Bowman, for Louise, that the records showed his client and Mr Johnston attended together with two children.

There were no children present when she or Mr Johnston were there alone.

The only other time children were recorded was on August 26, when three children attended with a party other than Louise.

Hours of CCTV footage taken of the outside of the house at Mountain View Park has already been seen by the jury.

Inspector Brian O'Keeffe agreed with Garnet Orange, for Stephanie, that "particular consideration" was given to a woman carrying a suitcase, leaving the house at 9.34pm on May 29, 2017.

"You were trying to see if anything could be garnered from the analysis of the CCTV footage that would indicate who particular persons might be on the footage," Mr Orange said.

Insp O'Keeffe agreed this assessment was only given to the defence after the trial had begun.

The trial continues.