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Graham Dwyer Trial: Elaine had sexual relations with a man she met on adult member website, court hears


Pic Shows: Witness Robert Cullen Jones leaving Dublin Central Criminal Court after he gave evidence in the trial of Graham Dwyer, Tuesday 10-02-2015

Pic Shows: Witness Robert Cullen Jones leaving Dublin Central Criminal Court after he gave evidence in the trial of Graham Dwyer, Tuesday 10-02-2015

Graham Dwyer (left) and Elaine O'Hara

Graham Dwyer (left) and Elaine O'Hara


Pic Shows: Witness Robert Cullen Jones leaving Dublin Central Criminal Court after he gave evidence in the trial of Graham Dwyer, Tuesday 10-02-2015

CHILDCARE assistant Elaine O’Hara had sexual relations with a man she met on an 'adult member' website after she met him for coffee in a shopping centre, the Central Criminal Court heard today.

Robert Cullen Jones told the jury he met the 36-year-old childcare assistance through the website Alt.com, which he described as being for people who like being submissive or dominant, and those who like to “give control to someone else in a sexual way”.

Mr Cullen Jones was giving evidence in the trial of Graham Dwyer (42), of Kerrymount Close, Foxrock, who is pleading not guilty to the murder of Ms O’Hara (36) at Killakee, Rathfarnham on August 22, 2012.

Ms O’Hara, a childcare assistant from Killiney, was last seen alive near Shanganagh Cemetery in Shankill that day.

Her remains were found by a dog walker in undergrowth in the Dublin mountains on September 13, 2013.

The prosecution maintains Mr Dwyer killed her for his own sexual gratification.

Giving evidence this morning, Mr Cullen Jones said he and Ms O'Hara first met online around March 2011 when he searched through the website. They started texting before meeting up the following month.

The court heard members had to sign in as members for the site and Ms O’Hara’s profile was ‘Helpmelearn 36/F’ and his username was ‘Dublin_master’.

He said Ms O’Hara “would have described herself as submissive”.

Speaking quietly and slowly in the packed courtroom, Mr Cullen Jones agreed with Sean Guerin, prosecution counsel, that the pair made contact “fairly infrequent” over a couple of weeks before they met.

They had exchanged number and “mainly text messaged” before  they eventually met for coffee in Dundrum Shopping Centre for an hour.

“Towards the end of that time you agreed with Ms O’Hara to go back to her place?” asked Mr Guerin.

Mr Cullen Jones agreed.

They went back to her apartment in Belarmaine Plaza, Stepaside, where they had “sexual relations”, Mr Guerin said.

“That’s right,” Mr Cullen Jones said.

The court heard Ms O’Hara also told Mr Cullen Jones about her interests and previous relations, and that she liked being tied up.

“She did say that, yes,” he said, adding that they had not been involved in that element.

The court heard that Mr Cullen Jones was at the apartment about an hour and left and the pair met again for coffee in May 2012.

Between first and second occasion there was “the odd text here and there” he said, but that was it.

After the second meeting in Dundrum Shopping centre he did not return to her apartment and that was the last time he saw her, he said.

There was the “odd text” after that meeting but it kind of fizzled out and he deleted her number from his mobile phone.

However he was questioned when gardai found his number on her phone.

Earlier, the court heard that gardai investigating the death of Ms O'Hara were given a series of DVD clips and times of Graham Dwyer flying model planes at a club in Co Wicklow, the Central Criminal Court heard.

One of the clips, of the accused at a family day with his wife and children, had been taken at Mr Dwyer’s request, the jury heard.

A member of Roundwood Model Aero Club who took the videos, Fred Harno  was giving evidence today in the trial of Mr Dwyer.

Mr Harno told the jury the dates and times were recorded by the camera and were transferred to computer when the clips were edited to be burned onto DVDs for club members.

Mr Harno said he knew Mr Dwyer since he became a member of the club some time toward the end of 2011.

He said the DVDS were produced from various club events as a “sort of documentary” for the club.

He provided the clips on USB stick to the gardai.

The first clips from the club’s premises at Roundwood shown to the jury were from the afternoon August 19, 2012. This was the family day and in one clip the accused was seen with a woman and two children.

“In fact that was shot at the request of Graham who introduced me to his family,” Mr Harno said.

In the other he is seen alone, landing a plane by remote control.

The other clips shown were from July 21, , June 24 at 2.20pm, February 25 at 3.53pm, March 27 and 28, all in 2012.

In some of the clips he was there but not flying planes.

Mr Harno said he was confident that the times were correct.

Detective Garda Michael McCarthy said he received the clips.

Garage owner Gerard Lee gave evidence of work being done on Mr Dwyer’s Audi A6, which was taken in on April 29, 2011. The work cost €3,727 and the invoice was paid on May 27, 2011.

The trial continues before Mr Justice Tony Hunt and a jury of seven men and five women.

Yesterday, the jury heard attendance records at Graham Dwyer’s offices showed he was at work there on the day Elaine O’Hara disappeared.

Siobhan McEvitt, office manager at A&D Wejchert, Baggott Street Lower confirmed there was no evidence in timesheets that he had left work early that day - August 22, 2012.

However, there were some inconsistencies in the records covering other dates that Mr Dwyer, an architect, had been working in 2011 and 2012.

The jury also heard yesterday Mr Dwyer brought his wife and children to a “Family Day” event at his model aeroplane flying club three days before Elaine O’Hara went missing, the jury heard.

Mr Dwyer was seen with his family on a brief clip from the DVD made of the event in Roundwood on August 19, 2012.