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Golf club car smasher avoids jail

A MIDDLE-aged man who came running out of his house brandishing a golf club which he used to smash up the windows of a young woman's car which was parked outside has claimed he thought "inappropriate behaviour" was taking place.

Kieran Wade (47) said he politely asked the couple to move the car as it was blocking his driveway, but the male passenger laughed at his request.

He said he went inside his house, picked up a golf putter, came back out and smashed three of the car windows.

The female driver and her male friend were covered with glass following the attack, and suffered minor cuts.

A judge ordered Wade to complete 60 hours community service in lieu of three months in prison.

The defendant, of Mount Symon Green in Clonsilla, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to charges of criminal damage, assault, and possession of a weapon intending to cause criminal damage.

The incident took place shortly before 12 midnight on July 6 last. Garda Sergeant Damien Galligan said the victim, Christina Ckeptenko, was dropping home a male friend, who lives across the road from Wade, at 11.45pm.

Sgt Galligan said there was no parking beside her friend's house, so Ms Ckeptenko parked outside Wade's house, she and her friend sat in the car talking.

The court heard Wade came out of the house to complain. Sgt Galligan said Wade demanded she move the car, and he then struck the side of it. Ms Ckeptenko rang the gardai, and while she was on the phone to them Wade came back out of the house with a golf club.

He then smashed up the windows in the car, as well as the wing mirrors.

Wade, who was not legally represented, said it was nearly midnight, he did not know the occupants of the car and he was wondering what they were doing outside his house. He said the male was lying on his back in the car, and he thought "inappropriate behaviour" was happening. He also said there had been a number of burglaries in the area, and his car was previously damaged.

When told by Judge Anthony Halpin that he should have called the gardai if he believed the vehicle was suspicious, Wade said he had previously phoned the gardai on other matters and was "lucky to get assistance within four hours".