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Girls kicked and punched victim (13) over 'cheek'

TWO teenage girls who attacked a 13-year-old and put her in hospital because they mistakenly thought she had been "cheeky", have been remanded on bail pending sentence.

The girls, who are aged 16, pleaded guilty at the Children's Court yesterday to assault causing harm to the then 13-year-old, on March 20 last year, in south inner city Dublin.

Garda Brendan Wright told Judge Catherine Staines that one of the girls admitted to being the main aggressor and instigated the unprovoked attack which he said was "misguided revenge".

"The defendant approached the injured party and said 'you are getting cheeky with my brother'."

Garda Wright said girl grabbed the victim's hair, "dragged her to the ground and started assaulting her with fists and kicks".

The court heard that the victim was hospitalised and a medical report on her injuries, which was not read out, was furnished to the judge. The victim made a full recovery, the judge noted.

When interviewed, the defendant made full admissions, apologised and said she would not attack the victim again but would instead say sorry to her.


The girl's solicitor Gareth Noble said his client, who was accompanied to her hearing by her mother, had acted out of "misguided loyalty to her brother," who had told her that the victim had been cheeky to him.

Mr Noble said the teen realised that she had acted wrongly and and a "highly inappropriate and dangerous way".

He said that at the time of the attack his client, whose family have been involved with Social Services, had been refusing to go to school but has since began a training course.

Judge Staines adjourned sentencing until September for a probation report to be furnished. She also ordered to the teen to pay f200 in compensation, which she was told to save from her payments for attending her training course.

Her co-defendant, a schoolgirl, who also admitted attacking the 13-year-old girl, did not instigate the attack but "joined in."

Judge Staines noted that this girl had a part-time job and also ordered her to pay f200 Her case was also adjourned pending sentence for a probation report to be obtained.