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Gay Mexican student bit woman bouncer after too much tequila


Isaac Sanguiro Romero

Isaac Sanguiro Romero

Isaac Sanguiro Romero

A MEXICAN student was socialising at a gay pub in Dublin when he bit a female bouncer's arm in a drink-fuelled attack, causing her "unbearable pain".

Isaac Sanguino Romero (25) was trying to free his boyfriend from the security guard's grip when he grabbed her around the neck and then bit her, leaving teeth marks on her arm.

Dublin District Court heard other customers at The George had made a complaint about Romero's then boyfriend before the incident happened.

Judge Bryan Smyth found Romero guilty and adjourned the case for a restorative justice programme report.

The business student, with an address at South Circular Road, had denied assault causing harm to Dawn Cleary at The George last August 17.

He said he did not recall much of the incident but did not believe he had bitten her.

Ms Cleary told the court that a woman approached her from the dancefloor upstairs and alleged that a man had told her and her friend to get out of the club because they were not gay.

Ms Cleary approached Romero's boyfriend and asked to speak to him about this. She said the man became abusive and punched her in the chest, then tried to run away.

Ms Cleary said she grabbed his wrist, at which point Romero intervened, grabbing her by the shoulder and pulling her back.

He wrapped his arm around her neck from behind in a "very, very strong" grip and she had to lean back to get him off her.

"I was frightened, I was terrified that a male for no reason was attacking me," she said.

A colleague, Michael Corbett, took the accused off her and walked him towards the door, with Ms Cleary and the accused's boyfriend following.

As she went to open the door, Romero bit down on the middle of her right arm.


"It took me a second to realise he was biting me," she said. "The pain was unbearable."

She swiped at his head, fearing he was going to bite through her skin. He did not, but she had teeth marks on her arm for a week.

The accused said he had been having fun with his partner and sister, and had drunk four tequilas and a beer.

He said two women were bumping into him and his partner and when he asked them to apologise they went and complained.

Romero said Ms Cleary hit him on the head several times as he tried to free his partner.

When Ms Cleary took his partner aside, Romero claimed he approached her "in a friendly way" to talk to her.

"I don't remember that," he said about the bite. I don't think I am a person who would try to attack someone."

"Fuelled by alcohol, he acted completely out of character," said defence barrister Emmet Nolan.

"In a haze of drink and clouded judgment, he believed he was going to the assistance of his boyfriend."