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Gastropub asks drinkers to give back €1k of stolen quirky items

A GASTROPUB owner who launched an amnesty to recover stolen property has recouped some of her goods.

Almost €1,000 worth of quirky items, including vintage books and jugs, have been snatched from one of Dublin's best-known gastro pubs, L Mulligan Grocer, by its own customers.

Owner Seaneen Sullivan said that efforts to get the goods back are proving successful with a number of items already being returned by pinching pub-goers.

Goods such as scrabble-piece table signs and vintage tea-spoons have disappeared from the Stoneybatter gastropub in recent weeks. Some of the owners' "most prized possessions", such as childhood books, have also gone missing.

The petty thefts became so prevalent that the pub's owners pleaded with customers on their blog to "stop stealing our stuff".

And Ms Sullivan told the Herald today that the staging of an amnesty -- whereby the culprits can secretly return the items -- is proving a success.

"A number of the items have already been returned since we got the word out there. We left a box on the counter, out of sight of the security cameras, and we have said that staff will turn a blind eye if somebody wants to drop an item back.

"We know there was no malice involved at all -- our customers mean a great deal to us and we are very hopeful that they will return the goods."

Ms Sullivan even took to the airwaves to plead for her possessions, appearing on Ryan Tubridy's 2fm show yesterday.

L Mulligan Grocer uses selected vintage novels for its menus and presents its bills in old mechanical instrument sets. It is decked out with a number of quirky items which are a hit with customers.