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'Garda warned me he would break my legs'


Christopher Kelly. Photo: Courtpix

Christopher Kelly. Photo: Courtpix

Garda Paul Fogarty. Photo: Collins Courts.

Garda Paul Fogarty. Photo: Collins Courts.


Christopher Kelly. Photo: Courtpix

A GARAGE boss has told a jury that, after a garda threatened him through hundreds of text messages, he agreed to steal his car so the garda could claim for it on his insurance.

Christopher Kelly (30), who was running a garage in Trim, Co Meath at the time, told the jury that he agreed to repair Garda Paul Fogarty's Toyota Celica in January 2008, after it had been in a collision.

A dispute arose over the condition of the car when it was returned to Fogarty (27).

Mr Kelly says he received some 600 text messages over a number of months.

He alleged that the garda told him at one stage he would break his legs.

Fogarty, who is based at Dundrum Garda Station, has pleaded not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to harassing Mr Kelly and his father between November, 2008, and May, 2009.

He has also pleaded not guilty to dishonestly by deception inducing Quinn Direct to pay out a claim of €10,254.



Mr Kelly admitted he had served a jail term for handling and possessing stolen vehicles.

But he refused to accept a suggestion that he reported the alleged harassment to gardai as leverage when he was caught with the stolen cars.

"There was no idea hatched. I was caught red-handed and I pleaded guilty," Mr Kelly said.

"I was putting all my cards on the table. I wanted a clean slate."

He told the jury: "I was full sure that he was going to carry out the threats."

The trial continues before Judge Sarah Berkeley and a jury of five men and seven women.