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Garda swoop finds heroin in mum's bra

A MOTHER-of-three whose bra was stuffed with heroin and cash when gardai raided her home kept the drugs there so her children would not find them, a court heard.

Joanne McCabe became involved in drug dealing from her home, despite the fact that she lived directly opposite one of the city's busiest garda stations.

Gardai found €300 worth of heroin on her when they called to her house after carrying out surveillance from across the street.

They also found various items of drugs "paraphernalia" in the house McCabe shared with her then-addicted partner and children, aged six, five and one.

McCabe insisted her partner had bought the heroin and she was holding on to it to make sure he did not take too much.

Judge Ann Watkin put her on a probation bond for two years after finding her guilty of possession of the drug with intent to supply on August 21, 2010.

The accused, of Fitzgibbon Court, Fitzgibbon Street, Dublin 1 had denied the charge.

She was also convicted of possession of €5,000 of cigarettes with counterfeit stamps, with a revenue loss to the State of €2,254.

Garda Conor Cadogan told Dublin District Court that surveillance was carried out on foot of confidential information and the house was searched with a warrant on the day. McCabe's partner answered the door and female officers searched the defendant.

She gave them seven individual wraps of heroin from one side of her bra and €500 from the other.

A further €300 in cash, scorched aluminium foil, a tray of valium tablets and a "quantity of mobile phones" were found elsewhere in the house, as well as the boxes of cigarettes.

The accused told them at the scene that the drugs were not hers. She said she was keeping them to "dole out" to her partner, and also so her children would not find them.

In relation to the cash, Declan Fahey, defending, said McCabe had borrowed from a credit company around the time of the incident.

Judge Watkin said she believed the accused had been involved in dealing drugs "whatever the level".

The court heard she had no previous convictions and had never been on heroin before, but had abused benzodiazepine tablets. She now no longer took any substances or alcohol.