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Garda 'stabbed multiple times in head with fork in front of his partner'

Pregnant woman and two men in alleged violent robbery


Tanya Cully and Michael Doran are accused of robbing an off-duty garda in Dublin city centre

Tanya Cully and Michael Doran are accused of robbing an off-duty garda in Dublin city centre

Tanya Cully and Michael Doran are accused of robbing an off-duty garda in Dublin city centre

An off-duty garda was repeatedly stabbed in the head with a fork and robbed of his badge during a "savage, frenzied" attack in front of his partner on a Dublin street, a court heard.

The officer was allegedly set upon by three people and left with "horrible" injuries after he attempted to seize drugs that were offered to him in the city centre.

As well as being stabbed, Dublin District Court was told the garda was struck with what one onlooker described as a "haymaker" punch to the head.

A pregnant mother-of-two, her partner and his brother have all appeared in court accused of robbing the garda.

Judge Carol Ann Coolican granted them bail and adjourned the case, for the directions of the DPP.


Tanya Cully (30), with an address at a city hostel, her partner Michael Doran (33) of no fixed address and his brother John Doran (35) of Richmond Park, Monkstown, are all charged with robbery.

The court heard the incident happened at Aungier Street on August 15 last.

Giving evidence in Michael Doran's case, Garda Fionnuala Lawlor said the incident happened at 11.20pm.

The alleged victim was an off-duty garda who was approached and offered drugs, she said.

Paracetamol tablets were crunched up and wrapped up "as if they were cocaine", the court heard.

It was alleged John Doran gave this to the garda who then identified himself and attempted to seize it.

He was allegedly attacked by the three suspects, Gda Lawlor said. He was punched and kicked, and stabbed multiple times in the head with the head of a fork, Gda Lawlor said.

During the attack, the garda fell to the ground where the three rifled through his pockets and his official Garda ID badge was taken, as well as the 'drugs'.

The badge had been in a wallet containing his bank cards.

The garda sustained deep lacerations to the top of his head and face, running along his eye socket and down by his nose, the court heard. He also suffered a concussion.

He was treated at St James's Hospital where he received stitches and a tetanus shot.

The attack was "so savage and ferocious in nature" that several witnesses intervened.

It was also witnessed by the garda's partner, the court heard.

One of the punches he suffered was described by a witness as an "absolute haymaker".

"It made a sickening thud, the sound was awful."

A witness had described the alleged robbery as a "frenzy".

The alleged victim had not yet been interviewed as he still had concussion.

"He was in such a bad state we weren't able to take a statement from him," Gda Lawlor said.

The court heard gardaí were alleging Michael Doran and Ms Cully kicked and punched the garda but did not use any weapon.

Cross-examined by Michael Doran's solicitor Rory Staines, Gda Lawlor accepted his version of events was "very different" to the prosecution's but she said the State's case was that the three acted in concert.

Applying for bail, Mr Staines said Michael Doran was arrested on Parliament Street on Tuesday. He was living on the streets but gardaí "don't seem to have any trouble locating him".

Garda Christopher Fitzgerald gave similar evidence in his objection to bail in Ms Cully's case.

He said she was alleged to have picked up the garda badge from the ground during the attack. The badge had since been recovered.

Gda Fitzgerald said while no assault charges were brought against the accused, it was alleged that violence was used.

Ms Cully had two children, was pregnant and living at a hostel on Stanhope Street, Mr Staines said.


Another garda objected to bail in John Doran's case, citing the seriousness of the allegations.

Blood believed to be the alleged victim's was found on the accused's tracksuit, he said.

John Doran's solicitor also made a bail application and said the threshold for refusing bail had not been met.

Judge Coolican said the accused were all entitled to a presumption of innocence. She granted them bail in their own bonds, with no cash lodgements required, subject to conditions.

Under bail terms, John Doran is to sign on daily at a garda station, stay out of the area in question and have no contact with either co-accused.

Among Michael Doran and Ms Cully's bail terms, they are to sign on at a garda station daily, stay away from the location, and from co-accused John Doran.

They were all remanded on bail, to appear in court again on September 7.