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Garda had to pepper-spray abusive baker

A BAKER had to be tackled to the ground by gardai after he threw food around a restaurant and verbally abused staff.

Mantas Zukas (25) swung his hands at officers and refused to allow them to handcuff him. They were forced to use pepper- spray to subdue and arrest him.

Judge Anthony Halpin ordered Zukas to complete 100 hours of community service in lieu of two months in prison.

The defendant, of Brookmount Lawns, Tallaght, admitted before Tallaght District Court to threatening and abusive behaviour, providing a misleading name to gardai and obstructing Gda Vincent Jaffray.

Gda Jaffray said he was called to Amber Restaurant in Belgard Square West, Tallaght, shortly after 4pm last July 16 following reports of an abusive man.

The officer said Zukas was verbally abusive to staff and threw food around the restaurant.

He had left before gardai arrived, but he was across the road and staff pointed him out to them.

Gda Jaffray said he asked for the defendant's name, but he would only tell him his name was Tomas.


He went to arrest Zukas, but he swung his hands around when he tried to handcuff him and ran away towards the car park.

Gda Jaffray ran after him and was forced to tackle him to the ground.

Zukas kept his hands clasped under this body, resisting arrest, and had to be subdued with pepper spray.

The court heard that the defendant has five previous convictions, mostly for public order matters.

Defence lawyer George Burns said Zukas had been drinking and does not remember much about the incident.

He said his behaviour was unacceptable, and he has not returned to the restaurant since.

Mr Burns said his client, who is married with two children, was working in a bakery but lost his job after he failed to turn up to work the day following the incident.

He said Zukas is from Lithuania but came to Ireland in 2007 with his family, and he completed his schooling here.

Judge Halpin said gardai were not injured during the incident, and he ordered Zukas to complete a community service order.