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Garda alert as jailed gun thug returns to the streets

GARDAI are on red alert after the release from jail of one of the capital's most reckless gun criminals.

Wayne Ellis (28) is a free man despite being given a five-year sentence in 2009 after he was caught robbing the same Dublin pub with a sawn-off shotgun for the second time in six years.

Ellis's sentence officially expired on Thursday but he has been on a temporary release for the past week and he has already been causing major headaches for detectives.

The criminal, from Landen Road in Ballyfermot, was released early from Loughan House Open Prison in Co Cavan and sources say that he has already teamed up with a notorious Ballyfermot gang.

Some of this crew are suspected of taking part in the attempted armed robbery of a Brinks Allied van in Ballyfermot on Friday of last week.


An imitation firearm was produced in the incident, at around 1.45pm, but the gang were left empty handed when they stole an empty cash box.

Investigations are also underway to establish if the same mob are responsible for a €1,400 armed robbery at a McDonald's on Naas Road earlier this week. A sawn-off shotgun and a black BMW were used in this robbery.

Wayne Ellis has suffered from chronic drug addiction in the past and in July, 2009, he pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to robbery and possession of a sawn-off shotgun at the Villager Inn pub in Chapelizod on March 11, 2008.

He had been in custody since that date before he was given temporary release from prison.

In the terrifying raid in March 2008, Ellis, who had a hood over his face, ran into the bar and shouted at six customers and the bar manager to get their heads down or he would shoot them. Ellis pointed the gun at the bar manager and demanded money. He accompanied the manager to the office containing the safe and told the customers he would shoot the man "if anybody did anything".

The man was initially unable to open the shutters to the office and feared he would be shot by the agitated Ellis.

Two officers from Ballyfermot garda station responded within five minutes after receiving an emergency call about a robbery.

The gardai scaled a six metre wall at the back of the pub before gaining access to the bar.

Patrons pointed them towards a store room where they saw Ellis demanding cash from the barman.

As they approached, the gunman turned and pointed a gun at unarmed Garda Gavin Ryan. He reacted quickly and disarmed the raider and a loaded shotgun was seized at the scene.


Garda Ryan, who received a Scott medal for bravery for his role in the Ellis arrest, recently had bullets put through the letter box of his south Dublin home in a chilling threat.

However sources say that this incident was not connected to Ellis or the criminal's release from prison.

In May, 2003, Ellis was jailed for six years after he admitted that he and an associate threatened the owner of the Villager Inn, Chapelizod, with a knife and replica gun during a raid in which they stole €14,000.