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Gangster Fay avoids prison despite breaking terms of suspended sentence


Criminal Karl Fay

Criminal Karl Fay

Criminal Karl Fay

A 24-year-old criminal who has survived numerous attempts on his life was caught with a six-foot bamboo pole with a magnet attached to it while he was serving a suspended sentence.

Crumlin man Karl Fay appeared at Dublin District Court on Monday, where he admitted trespassing at a building at York Road, Rathmines, on January 12 last with the intent of interfering with property.

The implement that Fay was caught with is commonly used by criminals who "fish" car keys from the letter boxes of houses and then steal the vehicles.

Fay's case was adjourned at Dublin District Court until January 11 next so that a Community Service Order Report can be prepared.

He had appeared at Dublin Circuit Court on Friday when a judge decided not to reactivate a suspended sentence that was imposed for violent disorder.

Fay had been given a three-and-a-half-year suspended sentence for violent disorder in 2013 - one of the conditions of which was that he was not to be convicted of any criminal offence for four years.


So when he pleaded guilty to the trespassing offence at Dublin District Court, his violent disorder conviction was automatically sent back to Judge Patricia Ryan on Friday in the higher court, who decided that Fay should not go to jail.

Fay has been a major target for gardai for years because of his involvement in gang-related activity.

He was the intended target when his cousin Stephen Hynes (16) was shot in the back in Crumlin in October 2012.

That was the third time that Fay had survived a gun attack in the space of just 18 months and he was also badly beaten with a wheel brace when he was attacked by four thugs in May, 2014.

Fay spent several months away from Ireland after being warned that his life was under threat after he was shot and almost killed in a park in Milltown in April, 2011.

In another incident in October 2011, Fay's family home in Crumlin was targeted in a pipebomb attack. His family home has also been shot up on at least three previous occasions.