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Gang victim had his ear sliced, court told

THIS is the man who was allegedly part of a gang of three that attacked another individual while he was standing on the street minding his own business, a court heard.

Alexandre Nikvashvili (35) is also accused of chasing after the victim when he managed to escape from his attackers, and beating him a second time.

It is claimed that the victim's left ear was sliced during the assault, and he needed a number of stitches to repair the damage.

The victim also needed a number of days in hospital to recover from his ordeal, it was claimed.

Nikvashvili, who is originally from Georgia but now living at Stamer Street, Dublin 8, appeared before Dublin District Court charged with seriously assaulting another man on Harrington Street, Dublin 8, on June 30 last year.

The court heard that the DPP had directed summary disposal of the matter in the District Court.

Outlining the allegation for jurisdiction purposes, a garda sergeant claimed that Nikvashvili was one of three men who attacked another man while he was standing on Harrington Street.

The sergeant said that the victim received a number of blows to the face, but managed to escape, and ran down Heytesbury Street.


It was alleged that Nikvashvili and two others chased after him, held him by the arms, and repeatedly punched him.

His alleged injuries included a bloody nose, bruising to the face, a sliced ear which needed stitches and back wounds, which also needed stitches.

The sergeant claimed Nikvashvili and the victim were acquaintances, and he managed to identify him during the assault.

Judge Bryan Smyth refused jurisdiction, deciding the matter was too serious for the District Court.

The State Solicitor asked for an adjournment for six weeks to a date in April to allow the DPP to reconsider jurisdiction.