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Gambler stole golfers' cash to put on horses

THIS is the compulsive gambler who stole US dollars and English sterling from players in a Dublin golf club.

Eoin Galligan (58) -- who took the money to bet on horses -- told a court he had lost numerous jobs due to his gambling addiction.

Judge Brian Sheridan ordered Galligan, of Castle Kevin Road, Kilmorewest, Dublin 5, to complete 220 hours' community service in lieu of six months in prison.

He had pleaded guilty to taking £150 as well as $300 from Forrest Little Golf Club, in Swords, on December 9, 2011.


He further admitted to stealing €46 worth of groceries from Eurospar, The Green, in Malahide on September 29 and to stealing a further €80 worth of groceries from the same supermarket on October 6, 2011.

Garda Michael McCabe told the court Galligan had taken the groceries and left the supermarket without paying.

The court heard Galligan has 82 previous convictions, the majority for thefts, and had €80 in compensation for the supermarket as well as €300 for the golf club.

Defence lawyer Patrick Jackson said he was now getting help and counselling for his addiction.

He was going to Gamblers Anonymous and had been given a sponsor to help him.