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'Fugitive' ordered back to 
UK prison

A 35-year-old Dublin 'fugitive' is to be extradited to the UK, where he is wanted to finish serving a sentence for dangerous driving causing death.

The High Court ruled that, despite a threat to self-harm, Stephen James O'Reilly of Upper Churchtown Road should be surrendered in accordance with a request by British authorities.

The court previously heard that O'Reilly had been arrested on foot of a European arrest warrant issued by the UK, where he had been convicted of dangerous driving.

He had received a nine-year sentence in 2008, but was later released on licence. That licence had been revoked and he was wanted in the UK to serve the balance of the sentence, which is 229 weeks and six days.

He became emotional on his first appearance before the court in November, telling the judge: "I can't go back."

There had been a concern on that occasion that he might harm himself.

Mr Justice John Edwards noted yesterday that O'Reilly had an adjustment disorder related to the extradition.

He also noted the views of a doctor that O'Reilly had a background risk of suicide and that the risk would be exacerbated if returned to the UK.

The judge noted that O'Reilly also has generalised anxiety order, borderline intellectual disability, symptoms of ADHD and a history of polysubstance abuse. However, the judge said that there was a substantial public interest in his rendition.


"Mr O'Reilly was released early on a regime of conditions, breached those conditions and left that state as a fugitive," he said. "Fugitives from justice should be recovered."

Considering his fragile mental health, he said the court had to assume that the UK authorities would look after him. He said his medial records should be transferred with him to the UK.

He made the order surrendering him, but postponed his surrender until September 30, 2016, when he will have finished serving an unrelated sentence here.