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Fruit picker caught abusing himself after row

A FRUIT picker caught masturbating in public had gone out and got drunk after an argument with his girlfriend.

Michal Wesolowaski (28) committed the offence in a bizarre drunken reaction to the row the couple had had earlier in the day.

He avoided a conviction for indecency after he made a donation to charity and a court heard there was nobody else involved.

Wesolowaski, with an address at Mountjoy Square, admitted indecency in a public place. The offence was committed at Hill Street, Dublin 1, on June 7. Judge Bryan Smyth struck the charge out after Wesolowaski paid €300 to charity.

Defence solicitor Tony Collier said the accused was a man of "otherwise very good character". He had been in Ireland for two years and worked picking fruit on "quite a humble wage".

"He is in a relationship, he had a row with his girlfriend on the morning in question and went out to a bar and drank to excess," Mr Collier said.

"He puts his behaviour down to absolute stupidity. He is deeply embarrassed, very remorseful and ashamed."

The judge struck the charge out after Wesolowaski paid the donation to Belvedere Youth Club.