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French teacher caught with fake passports in drug raid

A FRENCH teacher was caught with two fake passports in her home when gardai carried out a search for drugs that her partner allegedly had, a court heard.

Ludmila Donu (26) had come to Ireland with one of the passports and forgot to destroy it. She had the case against her adjourned for a community service suitability report.

Donu, pictured right, of Charnwood Meadows, Clonsilla, pleaded guilty to the false passport charges.

Garda Michael Fitzgerald told the court he went to the accused's address with a warrant on February 28 and spoke to "a person who is not before the court".


On searching Donu's bedroom he found two passports and two identity cards. The documents were all for the same person but the names were different.

The accused came to Pearse Street Garda Station some days later and gave her correct name and address.

A garda sergeant told the court Donu was brought into Pearse Street Station following a drugs search at Charnwood Meadows at 6.44pm on March 12.

Donu had no connection with the reason for the search.

Gardai found six large bars of cannabis resin and cocaine in the bedroom. A further 16 bars of cannabis were found in the shed.

Donu's partner was arrested in connection with the drugs seizure and the total value of the drugs was more than €13,000.

Donu was later arrested and questioned about the documents.

The court heard Donu came to Ireland on one of the passports and forgot to destroy it.

She paid €1,000 for another and had no idea if the person on it existed.

She had no previous convictions and was working as a cleaner.

Donu had a French teaching qualification that was not recognised in this jurisdiction.

Donu was working as a cleaner and had no previous convictions.

Judge Murphy asked for a community service suitability report and adjourned the case until June 26.