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Freed rapist now faces jail return over pub attack

A VIOLENT sex offender who was once jailed for nine years for raping a teenager in a city park could end up back behind bars after a drunken attack on a doorman at a city centre pub.

Convicted rapist Brian Shevlin (34) head-butted the security man following a day-long drinking session to celebrate a pal's birthday in Temple Bar.

But he was under a suspended sentence for another assault at the time and now faces the reactivation of that prison term.

Shevlin, with a current address at Havana House B&B, in Balbriggan, was found guilty at Dublin District Court of assaulting a doorman at the Temple Bar Pub.


Shevlin had denied assault causing harm to Nial Arpac in the incident at the Temple Bar pub on May 30 last year.

He was out of jail at the time after serving his last sentence, also for assault causing harm. The final year of a four-year-sentence had been suspended on condition he kept the peace for two years.

Dublin District Court heard Shevlin was drinking with friends for around eight hours when barmen refused them service and asked them to leave. Their attention had been drawn to the drunken group when one of them fell off his stool and had to be hospitalised.

Mr Arpac explained the decision to Shevlin.

"He didn't agree," Mr Arpac said. "He said he was fine, he and his friends were fine, they were all drinking for two days. I said the decision has been made, you can't stay on the premises.

"He tried to change my mind, I explained I couldn't do anything about it. At this stage, he was leaning on the counter and he suddenly headbutted me".

Mr Arpac and a colleague restrained Shevlin and put him outside. He said Shevlin continued to try to fight with the doorman while he was being ejected. The victim suffered a cut and lump on his lip.

Outside, Shevlin hurled racist abuse at Mr Arpac, saying "foreign f***er, foreign b******". He was arrested and taken to Pearse Street Garda Station.

Shevlin claimed in evidence that Mr Arpac shouted aggressively at him, that he could not understand what he was saying and told the victim to "f*** off". At this, he said, another doorman caught him in a headlock while Mr Arpac punched him on the head, causing the bump that was visible later. He claimed he was also kicked.

Barry Ward, defending, said the only person who had witnessed what happened -- another doorman -- had not been called as a witness by the State.


Judge Lucey said Shevlin's version of events did not ring true. He said he felt Shevlin himself believed it was true, but that his recollection was inaccurate because he had drank up to seven pints of Guinness.

The District Court case was adjourned until the suspended sentence has been dealt with at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

Shevlin, originally from Summerhill, has served lengthy prison sentences for serious crimes. He was given nine years in 1997 after raping a 16-year-old girl at knifepoint in a park at Mountjoy Square. He also stabbed his victim in the stomach with a kitchen knife and hit her with his fists during the hour-long ordeal in 1996.

Just two years ago he was given two years for threatening two gardai with knives.