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'Flatmate stabbed over bills' court told

A 42-YEAR-old man charged with murdering his flatmate told their letting agent he was leaving because he'd 'end up killing him', his trial has heard.

Kamal El Habsati (31) was found dead with a knife protruding from his chest in his Dublin apartment on December 5, 2012. From Morocco, he had lived in Holland with his parents, and had moved to Dublin just months before he died.


His flatmate and colleague, Jacky Lumi, had left the country by the time the deceased was found. He later told gardai he'd stabbed Mr Habsati following a row about bills, the court heard.

The Dutchman is on trial at the Central Criminal Court, where he pleaded not guilty to murder at Linnbhla, Santry Cross, Ballymun on December 1, 2012.

Their letting agent Bobby Prenderville testified yesterday that the accused called him on November 29 to say he was leaving the apartment.

He said he was not happy at work and was fed up with his flatmate, with whom he was arguing about rent and bills.

He recalled Mr Lumi paid his rent for December the following day, having said he would stay until the end of that month. Mr Prenderville said that their employer rang him on December 5 to say he hadn't heard from the two men for a number of days.

He went to the apartment with two colleagues, one of whom kicked in the door. They looked around the apartment but saw nothing, and called the men's employer to say they thought they had gone.

Alerted by some blood, they found Mr Habsati's body in a bathroom. The trial continues.