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Flasher who followed woman home 'while drunk' avoids jail term


Ian Brady

Ian Brady

Ian Brady

A man who followed a woman to her home while continuously exposing himself to her, put her in fear, a court has heard.

Ian Brady, who said he had been drinking excessively beforehand and claimed it was completely "out of character", has been placed on a probation bond for two years, subject to conditions.

The 29-year-old followed the woman from a north Dublin train station at 7am in July last year.

When she turned around he was exposing himself to her, Balbriggan District Court heard.

Moments later, the woman, who is in her late 20s, crossed the road and the defendant continued to follow her.

Sergeant Darren Farrelly said that while Brady was following the woman, he continuously exposed himself to her, putting her in fear and causing her to become distressed.

"She lost sight of him for a while, but when she got to her home, he was on the opposite side of the road, still exposing himself to her," said Sgt Farrelly.

Brady, of Mourne Park in Skerries, Co Dublin, pleaded guilty to exposing himself in a manner likely to cause fear, alarm or distress on July 15, 2017, in a north Dublin town.

He has no previous convictions.


Defence solicitor Siobhan McNelis told Judge Dermot Dempsey the defendant, who has an intellectual disability, has been engaging with a social worker and a key worker since the incident and handed in a letter outlining the defendant's personal circumstances.

"He had been drinking excessively beforehand and has now reduced his alcohol intake," the solicitor said, adding that he has attended rehabilitation.

She said Brady had "expressed his remorse" and was regretful of the incident.

"He lost his job at Tesco, where he worked for 11 years, because of this and understands the consequences," she said.

She said Brady had indicated a willingness to engage further with the Probation Services.

"He is anxious to move on from it and is asking for leniency," she added.

Judge Dempsey said he was concerned a probation report stated the defendant was at the "high-end risk of reoffending" and that areas identified need to be addressed further by the Probation Service, to which Ms McNelis said the defendant was "aware of the contents of the report".

"He had six sessions with Alcoholics Anonymous and found it helpful. He wants to stay away from alcohol," she said.

Imposing the two-year probation bond, Judge Dempsey was informed that the defendant would not be on the Sex Offenders Register, as the offence he committed was not notifiable to gardai.