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Fisherman accused of 200 pest phone calls

A FISHERMAN has been accused of harassing a woman by sending her hundreds of text messages and unwanted phone calls.

Mohammed Abdelfattal (46) was allegedly caught after he sent a picture of himself to the victim. He is alleged to have made over 200 phone calls to the victim during a two-week period, and to have sent her numerous text messages, such as "hi baby, call me".

A court heard that Abdelfattal was originally contacted by the alleged victim after she became concerned that phone calls from an unknown male had been made to her father, who suffers from Alzheimer's Disease.

She contacted Abdelfattal from her own mobile phone, and it is alleged that he then started harassing her. Judge James McDonnell ordered disclosure of all documents, including mobile phone records, to the defendant's solicitor and adjourned the matter to a date in January.

The defendant, of Westbourne Holiday Hostel, Courtback Avenue, Dock Road, Limerick, appeared before Tallaght District Court charged with harassment.

The alleged incident took place on various dates between November 15, 2010 and March 28, 2011.

The court heard the DPP has directed summary disposal of the matters in the District Court.

Outlining the allegation for jurisdiction purposes, Garda Sergeant Carmel Henry alleged the victim contacted Abdelfattal after she became concerned about numerous calls from an unknown male to her father's phone. Sgt Henry said neither the victim nor her father knew Abdelfattal, an Egyptian asylum seeker who has lived in Ireland for seven years.

The sergeant claimed Abdelfattal then started ringing and texting the victim, and it is alleged that in one two-week period she received more than 200 phone calls, often as late as 1am and 2am, and starting again at 5am in the morning.

Sgt Henry claimed the woman also received a number of unwanted text messages, mostly of a rudimentary nature, such as "hi baby, call me", and was also sent a picture of the defendant.

Judge McDonnell said he would accept jurisdiction of the matter.

The judge ordered disclosure of all documents in relation to the allegation and adjourned the matter to a date in January.