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Female garda: He charged at me like a bull

A FATHER and son have been accused of beating a man on his doorstep when he went to investigate damage to his property by New Year revellers.

Paul (18) and Robert Ogelsby (52) are accused of being among a group who allegedly kicked and punched the man, as well as forcing their way into his hallway in Dublin city centre.

The alleged victim's wife, children and friends were in his apartment having a New Year's get-together at the time.

Gardai have also alleged that Paul Ogelsby charged "like a bull" at a female officer, knocking her back while they were investigating the ensuing fight.

The two defendants have had their trial adjourned after the opening of the prosecution's case at Dublin District Court.

The father and son, both of Upper Gloucester Place, Dublin 1, are accused of assaulting Kaushik Neerso. They are also charged with public drunkenness, breach of the peace and trespass in the incident on Parnell Street, Dublin 1 in the early hours of January 1 this year. They deny all the charges.


Garda Thomas Powell told the court officers were called to the scene at 2.30am and were told that a fight had taken place.

Paul Ogelsby's face was covered in blood and when asked what had happened he replied: "f*** off and mind your own business", the garda alleged.

He said it was clear that both defendants had been drinking. He alleged that Paul Ogelsby was extremely aggressive and verbally abusive to gardai and members of the public. He said the younger man threatened him, saying: "I'll see you again, I'll get you". He was arrested along with his father.

Mr Neerso said in evidence that he was having a New Year get-together in his apartment when someone broke his door. When he went to look, he alleged, a man who was standing outside said: "Just go back to your country". He said a fight then started and three men punched and kicked him while "trying to get into his house".

Garda Laura Walsh said when she got to the scene she saw Paul Ogelsby running from a colleague.

"I went to stop him and he charged at me like a bull, knocking me back", she alleged. "I received a cut to my lip".