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Father lied about car sale in €7k drug deal cover-up

A father-of-three who claimed he made over €7,000 from the sale of a car had the money confiscated by the State at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

Judge Patrick McCartan deemed that Michael Fagan (31) of Sean McDermott Street, Dublin 1, made the money through criminal activity.

Fagan, who is currently in custody at Cloverhill Prison, was travelling in the back seat of a car along with two others, when he was stopped by gardai on May 20, 2007 at Gardiner Street, Dublin.

A total of €7,515, was found in an envelope in the pocket in front of Fagan's seat.

Garda Emmett Brannigan told the court that, at first, no one admitted to owning the money. He said he suspected it was the proceeds of crime and retained the cash.

Fagan later admitted the money was his through the sale of a vehicle the previous day.

Garda Vincent Daly told the court he had earlier seen Fagan walking, carrying a package which he believed contained drugs.

Fagan, who was unemployed at the time, but was being paid cash working as an apprentice electrician, claimed he got the money from selling a Mitsubishi car to a man called "Damien Cruise".

Tony McGillicuddy, prosecuting, said there was no evidence to support this as Cruise had not appeared in court on two occasions he was requested to.

Judge Patrick McCartan said he was satisfied that Cruise was a 'fictional individual' and that Fagan, along with the two others, were involved in a drugs transaction based on the observations of Gda Daly.

Judge McCartan ordered the money be forfeited to the State.