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'Fat' Freddie set to be extradited after paperwork delays

A PAPERWORK delay was finally overcome today to allow for the uncontested extradition of 'Fat' Freddie Thompson to Spain.

Arrangements are now under way to process the 30-year-old Dublin gangster in a Madrid court on gangland charges tomorrow.

He was due to be flown out yesterday but a further delay arose in the presentation of documents, which has repeatedly held up the extradition process.

He had waived all rights to contest the European warrant for his arrest on drugs and gun charges linked to Spain- based Irish gang boss, Christy Kinahan.

The move was initially expected to take just two or three days.


But Thompson has spent the past 12 days in the remand prison at Cloverhill in west Dublin where he has been accommodated in a segregated unit on the D2 landing.

Today's plan is for the heavily armed Special Detective Unit to accompany him on the initial leg of his journey to Dublin Airport.

He is being handed over to Spanish authorities on the runway at the airport.

'Fat' Freddie who, according to prison sources, has lost a considerable amount of weight, is expected to be sent initially to the Soto del Real prison near Madrid.