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Fat Freddie gang killer suspected of feud murder


Sharon Rattigan. Photo: Collins

Sharon Rattigan. Photo: Collins

Sharon Rattigan. Photo: Collins

A senior Fat Freddie Thompson gang member who has been jailed for life for plotting a murder five years ago is the chief suspect for the gun murder of a 'King Ratt' hitman.

Less than three years after the murder of Gary Bryan (31) in September 2006, Crumlin man Eugene Cullen (30) was also involved in the murder of Bryan's associate, Shay O'Byrne.

Both killings were carried out by the Thompson mob as part of their bitter feud with the Brian Rattigan crew – the capital's bloodiest-ever underworld dispute, known as the Crumlin-Drimagh feud.


Yesterday at the Central Criminal Court, Cullen was convicted of murdering Seamus 'Shay' O'Byrne (27) at Tymon Park North, Tallaght, on March 13, 2009.

The court heard that Mr O'Byrne was shot dead by a hooded gunman in front of his girlfriend, Sharon Rattigan, and his baby outside their home.

Sharon is the sister of jailed gang boss Brian Rattigan who is serving a life sentence for the 2001 murder that kicked off the Crumlin-Drimnagh feud. He is serving an additional 15 years for heroin dealing from his cell in Portlaoise Prison.

The court heard Sharon Rattigan tackled the assassin and was shot in the leg while seizing the gun from him.

The prosecution alleged that Cullen was not the gunman. But he was one of four men involved in plotting, planning and executing the murder.

Cullen is the second person to be convicted of the murder. Garrett O'Brien, of Clover Hill, Bray, Wicklow, was sentenced to life in 2012 – he was the gunman.

O' Brien, a heroin addict who got sucked into the Thompson mob over a drugs debt, has been attacked a number of times in prison since being jailed.

Mr Justice Barry White handed down the mandatory life sentence. Cullen was considered one of the most reckless criminals in the capital before he fled in the aftermath of the O'Byrne murder.

Gardai failed to secure charges against Cullen in the murder of Gary Bryan, a 31-year-old criminal who was shot dead in front of his girlfriend in September, 2006.

Like Cullen, Bryan was also heavily involved in the murderous Crumlin-Drimnagh feud and Bryan was the chief suspect for murdering both Paul Warren and Wayne Zambra in 2004 and 2006 respectively.

Cullen also escaped conviction after being arrested by the garda's Organised Crime Unit in Ballyfermot in August 2008 after a man was shot in the lower torso. But Cullen's luck ran out after he was involved in Shay O'Byrne's murder only seven months afterwards.