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Family saw serial burglar trying to break into house

A SERIAL offender was caught trying to burgle a house in broad daylight while the residents were still at home, a court heard.

Michael Connors (32) had 107 previous convictions when he was caught trespassing at the south Dublin house.

Judge Grainne Malone remanded him in custody after hearing he was under a suspended sentence at the time of the incident.

Connors, of no fixed address, Dun Laoghaire, pleaded guilty to trespassing and attempted burglary at Dartmouth Square, Ranelagh on March 7.

He also admitted attempting to interfere with a vehicle at Ranelagh Road.

Dublin District Court heard gardai saw Connors acting suspiciously. He entered the curtilage of a house and tried to open the front window and door.


There were people in the house, and he was disturbed and left the scene.

Connors was then seen entering a private carpark where he tried to open a car door. He was arrested.

The defendant left the house once he was disturbed, his barrister, Edel Gilligan, said. He had 107 previous convictions.

On one of his prior convictions, he had been given a suspended sentence which was still active.

Judge Malone remanded him in custody, to appear before the judge who had suspended that sentence.

She also said that, because he had initially denied the charges, he lost the benefit he might have got from an earlier plea.