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Family of stab victim 'relieved' attacker will serve 6 more years


The Hellfire Club

The Hellfire Club

The Hellfire Club

The family of a teenage boy who was stabbed in the chest in an attempted murder four years ago have said they feel a "sense of relief" that his attacker will have to serve the suspended six years of his sentence because of a series of violent incidents he committed while in prison.

Father-of-one Michael Corbett (30), with an address in Raheny, had received a nine-year sentence with six years suspended for the attack on the 17-year-old at the Hellfire Club in the Dublin mountains on June 27, 2016 when he was before the courts in July 2018.

The court heard Corbett had been suffering from paranoid schizophrenia at the time.

His victim had received a four-inch stab wound to the chest while camping with friends.

But last week Corbett was told the suspended section of that sentence was being reactivated after a series of violent incidents while in prison on other charges.

Mr Justice Michael White said that a psychiatric report on Corbett showed that he is at risk of future violence.

The court had previously heard that Corbett had assaulted other prisoners in Mountjoy Prison, including attacking one with a hot kettle.

At the Central Criminal Court Mr Justice White activated the six-year suspended portion of the sentence, meaning Corbett will serve nine years starting from June 27, 2016, when he first went into custody in relation to the attempted murder.


Mr Justice White said he had been given a comprehensive psychiatric report which detailed Corbett's substance abuse while in custody and his history of violence towards his carers and fellow inmates.

Speaking after the six-year portion of the sentence was activated, the family of the teen who was stabbed said their main thoughts are with their son. "We are just happy that he is still alive," said his mother.

"There is a sense of relief that he (Corbett) will remain in prison, not just so society will be safe, but we also hope that the time will be used by him and the prison system to get him any help he needs and try to rehabilitate him," she added.

Mr Justice White said he was particularly concerned that the psychiatric report on Corbett stated he is at risk of not adhering to treatment for his psychotic illness when he is released.

He said he had hoped to use the suspended sentence to manage Corbett's psychosis in a way that would be beneficial to him and to society.

But, he said, that is no longer possible and he has "no choice but to activate the sentence of nine years for the attempted murder".

Following the assault at the Hellfire Club, Corbett became an in-patient at the Central Mental Hospital. While there he attacked nurse Declan Curtin on October 6, 2016.


Judge Melanie Greally at the Circuit Court imposed a five-year sentence on Corbett and suspended the final two-and-a-half years for 15 years on strict conditions.

In July 2018, Corbett was released from the attempted murder sentence but he remained in custody for the assault on the nurse.

He was due for release on that charge next month but at a previous hearing, counsel for the State Mr Fergal Foley BL detailed the acts of violence carried out by Corbett while in custody and asked for a psychiatric report to be furnished to the court.