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f350 fine for cocktail teen who abused gardai

A TEENAGER who called gardai "pr**ks and w**kers" has admitted that he was very drunk on a cocktail of beer, vodka and shots.

Stuart Talbot (19) was told by a judge that he obviously had "too much beer money" and he should hand over more money to his mother towards his upkeep at home.

Talbot, of Maplewood Park in Tallaght, admitted before Tallaght District Court to threatening and abusive behaviour.

Garda Ross Foy said he was on beat duty shortly before 4am on February 15 last when he came across Talbot on Belgard Square East.

He said Talbot was very loud and aggressive towards him and his three colleagues, repeatedly shouting abuse at them and calling them "pr**ks" and "w**kers".

The garda said Talbot was directed to go home but he refused and was arrested.

The court heard that Talbot had six previous convictions, mostly for road traffic matters.

Defence solicitor John O'Leary said Talbot was a personable young man who tended to drink too much.

The court heard the defendant worked as a mobile security guard, but lost his job after he was banned from driving.

The court heard that Talbot, who is on the dole, handed over €50 to his mother each week.

Judge James McDonnell said the defendant had "too much beer money" and should contribute more.

The judge fined Talbot €350 and warned him that if he came before the courts again he was facing prison.