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Ex-stockbroker jailed for three sex assaults after taking party drug


Ryan Lee Thomas (25)

Ryan Lee Thomas (25)

Ryan Lee Thomas (25)

A former stockbroker who sexually assaulted three women in Dublin city centre while high on a party drug has been jailed for two-and-a-half years.

Ryan Lee Thomas (25) was under the influence of GBL when he attacked the young women in separate incidents over an hour-and-a-half last December 30.

Thomas, of Albert College Grove, Glasnevin, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to three counts of sexual assault and two counts of possessing a controlled drug.

A Welshman who lived in Australia for some time, Thomas has 10 previous convictions in Melbourne for sexual offending while under the influence of the same drug, the court heard.

Gda John Carroll told a hearing earlier this month that Thomas was at a house party in Lower Gardiner Street when he approached a young woman and told her: "You're f**king beautiful."

He then hugged her and tried to kiss her, before she pushed him away.

Thomas then followed the woman into a bedroom, grabbed her buttocks and breast and thrust himself against her, telling her: "You're coming home with me tonight."

The woman pushed him away again and Thomas was asked to leave the party.

Shortly afterwards, a 19-year-old woman was walking along Lower Gardiner Street when Thomas appeared in front of her and grabbed her breasts.

As she tried to run away from him, he grabbed her buttocks and followed her to an apartment building door.

She screamed and he told her to "shut the f**k up" before a passing delivery man intervened and Thomas fled.

Gardai were called and the woman agreed to go with them in a car to see if they could identify her assailant.


They then spotted Thomas on O'Connell Street with his arms around another woman.

The third victim told gardai she was in town with her boyfriend. When he went to buy cigarettes, the woman was approached by Thomas, who asked her for a light and then a hug, saying: "It's Christmas."

He then leaned in to hug her before grabbing her vagina and buttocks.

The woman fought him off and tried to walk away, but Thomas followed her. He was arrested shortly afterwards.

In a victim impact statement which she read out in court, the woman said she had been sexually abused as a child and the attack had brought it all back.

She cried as she described how she suffered from depression and was withdrawn.

She said it negatively impacted on her relationship with her boyfriend and she now found it extremely hard to trust people.

"I own my body. How dare you?" she said to Thomas.

The court heard that when questioned, Thomas made some admissions to possessing GBL but said he could not remember the events of that night.

More GBL was found in his home the following day after gardai searched it. He told them he had ordered it online for about €90.

Defence barrister Cathal McGreal said Thomas wished to apologise to his victims.

He said Thomas had a normal upbringing and a good education, including an honours degree in economics. He previously worked in stockbroking and fraud detection.