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Ex-soldier 'ambushed his officer in revenge attack'

A SOLDIER who was discharged from the army carried out a "revenge" attack on one of the officers who made the decision, kicking him in the face until his jaw broke, it is alleged.

Gareth Jenkins (26) is alleged to have met the officer at a nightclub, then followed him with two other men and "systematically" kicked him while he was sitting in a taxi.

Jenkins had been let go from the army after six years of service at the time of the incident.

He had the case against him adjourned for the preparation of a book of evidence at Dublin District Court. Jenkins, of Canon Mooney Gardens, Ringsend, is charged with assault causing harm to David Coughlan on the Clontarf Road on December 14, 2009.

Garda Zelie O'Connor told the court that Mr Coughlan had been in a nightclub, where the defendant approached him a number of times. Mr Coughlan left and got into a taxi when three men, including the defendant approached him.

"There were a number of kicks thrown to David Coughlan while he was sitting in the taxi, causing him to receive a broken jaw," Garda O'Connor said.

The alleged victim went straight to hospital in the taxi for treatment. As well as the fracture to his jaw he suffered dental injuries.


The court heard Jenkins had been let go from the army some months previously. "David Coughlan would have been over the accused and involved in the decision", the garda said.

Judge Ann Watkin said she was refusing jurisdiction, considering the case too serious to be dealt with at District Court.

She said it was alleged Mr Coughlan was pursued out of the nightclub and in a "totally unprovoked" attack, and was kicked "systematically" in the face until his jaw broke. There was also the supposition that this was "an act of revenge".

The case was adjourned to a date next month. It will be sent to Dublin Circuit Criminal Court, where the potential penalties on conviction are more severe.