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Ex-showband man swung his crutch as he hurled abuse


Pat Carey was fined €100 for public order offences

Pat Carey was fined €100 for public order offences

Pat Carey was fined €100 for public order offences

A former showband performer arrested for swinging a crutch and shouting abuse at staff at a homeless centre had a "colourful career" before he fell on hard times.

Pat Carey (69), who used "highly abusive language" in the drink-fuelled episode, had been the bass player in a band for a number of years before alcoholism got the better of him, a court heard.

Judge Bryan Smyth fined him €100 for public order offences.

Carey, with an address at Sundial House, James Street, Dublin, pleaded guilty to threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour and failing to comply with garda directions.

A garda sergeant said the incident happened at 8am last June 7 when gardai were called to Sundial House.

The accused was acting in a threatening manner towards staff members and using "highly abusive language".

He had a crutch in his poss- ession and was swinging it around. He had taken alcohol at the time.


His behaviour continued after gardai arrived and they arrested and charged him.

Carey had 10 previous convictions.

The accused had property in a locker in the premises and he was being denied access to it on the morning in question, his solicitor Philip Hannon said.

He was remonstrating with staff and his inhibitions were lowered by the use of alcohol.

Carey had two adult children from whom he was estranged, Mr Hannon said.

Alcoholism had got the better of him, he had been in recovery but had then "fallen off the wagon".

He accepted he was not in a position to offer "any guarantees" in this regard.

The accused did voluntary work taking calls for a city centre-based organisation.

Carey was in receipt of a pension and was prepared to make a charity donation to avoid conviction, Mr Hannon said.

Judge Smyth remarked, however, that the accused had 10 previous convictions, one of which was handed down last year.

He fined the accused on one charge and took the other into consideration.