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Ex-private school teen turned to using heroin

A TEENAGER caught shoplifting false eyelashes from a city centre store had been a private school student before a boyfriend introduced her to drugs, a court heard.

Jade Telford (19) had become addicted to heroin and found herself homeless at the time she stole the eyelashes from Boots.

A judge told her he would leave her without a conviction if she made a €100 charity donation. Telford, with an address at Ardfert B&B, Nelson Street, Dublin 7, admitted theft from Boots on Henry Street.

Garda Joseph O'Connor told Dublin District Court that Telford took the goods from the shelf at 4pm on November 11 last and passed all points of payment. The false eyelashes were recovered.

Telford is the eldest of three children, the court heard.

Coming up to her 18th birthday, she "unfortunately got involved with a young man who had a drug problem," her solicitor Jenny McGeever said.

"She experimented with drugs herself and developed a heroin addiction of sorts, though not of a spectacular nature," Ms McGeever said.

Telford had attended a private school in Dublin. She became homeless when it was decided that she should not live in the family home.


The defendant was currently taking physeptone, a heroin substitute, and wanted to continue until she was sure she had overcome her problem. She was currently unemployed.

"Ms Telford is somebody with good prospects if she can deal with the problem she has at present," Ms McGeever added.

Judge Smyth adjourned the case and said he would dismiss the charge if she paid €100 to Belvedere Youth Club.