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Ex-lover (62) caused s1.7k car damage

A SCORNED woman 'keyed' the sides and rear of a car parked in her ex-partner's driveway, a court heard.

Beatrice Healy (62) caused more than €1,700 worth of damage to a car belonging to the daughter of her ex-partner's new partner.

Defence solicitor Kevin Tunney said Healy, who denied the charge, had herself convinced that she didn't do it.

Healy was captured on CCTV cameras keying the car, and a court heard she could be identified by her "distinctive walk".

Judge Anthony Halpin told Healy "shame on you" and described the incident as "an act of malevolent and spiteful wickedness".

The judge adjourned the matter for six weeks to allow Healy save up some compensation.

The defendant, of Longwood Avenue in Dublin 8, was found guilty before Tallaght District Court of criminal damage.

The incident took place outside her ex-partner's house at Beverly Drive in Knocklyon on February 21 last year.

Her former partner, Vincent Slattery, told Tallaght court that a neighbour, Lorraine Kinsella, rang him after 9pm to say she had seen Healy acting suspiciously near his driveway.


Mr Slattery said his partner's daughter Emma Clynch went out and checked her car and saw it had been keyed on both sides and at the rear.

He then viewed CCTV footage and identified Healy as the culprit. The CCTV showed Healy approach the car three times and appear to run something along the bonnet, mostly likely a ring. The court heard the car was scraped on three sides and the damage was €1,770.

Mr Kinsella said she was returning home around 8.30pm when she saw a woman acting suspiciously at Mr Slattery's driveway. She looked at her and realised it was Beatrice Healy.

In cross-examination, defence solicitor Kevin Tunney claimed the witnesses could not be sure the woman on the CCTV was the defendant, but they said they were certain it was Healy.

Judge Halpin found her guilty of damaging the car.

Mr Tunney said the defendant, a mother of one, was in a relationship for 12 years with Mr Slattery and they broke up over five years ago.

Judge Halpin adjourned sentencing for six weeks.