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Ex-Dubs star 'unable to work without pain' after car crash

FORMER Dublin Gaelic footballer Keith Barr is suing for damages in the High Court after suffering a back injury in a road accident.

Mr Barr, an All-Ireland medal winner with Dublin in 1995, is suing Eric Gray following the accident at Navan Road, Dublin, on July 29, 2009.

The court heard the vehicle driven by Mr Gray, of Manor Street, Dublin, collided with the rear of Mr Barr's car while it was stopped at traffic lights.

The case opened before Mr Justice Colm Mac Eochaidh and is for assessment of damages only.

It is claimed the severity of the initial collision was such that Mr Gray's car hit a parked vehicle from which it rebounded and again collided with Mr Barr's car on the passenger side.

Mr Barr suffered immediate pain and discomfort in his right shoulder and lower back, it is claimed.


While he did not require to be removed from the accident scene, he was later prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and had to undergo physio- therapy after the collision.

His symptoms continued and he later needed treatment for loss of power and pain in his right shoulder, as well as serious pain in his lower back.

Mr Barr, who had no prior history of back pain, is at risk of developing disc bulging. It is significantly affecting his ability to perform his work duties, it is claimed.

As part of his job with an insurance company he has to drive an average of 30,000km a year to courts in Dublin, Dundalk, Galway, Limerick and Cork.

He faces having to give up work in order to protect against further deterioration in his injuries and symptoms, it is also claimed.

Because of the injury to his lower back, he also later suffered a severe darting pain while at home, which caused his right knee to collapse, and this resulted in an injury to his knee.


Mr Barr told the court he had played football at club, county, inter-provincial and international level and suffered two serious injuries early in his career, a dislocated shoulder and broken jaw.

However, he did not have any ongoing problems with these injuries prior to the road accident, he said.

The hearing continues.