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Ex-DJ accused of selling fake holidays

A SOCIALITE and ex-DJ accused of theft has now been charged with defrauding people out of cash on the pretence that he was selling US holidays.

Aaron Weinrib (34) had already been been facing two counts of theft totalling more than €3,000 in two incidents last year, but has now had further charges of deception brought against him.

He was remanded on continuing bail after Dublin District Court heard yet more charges were being considered by the prosecution.

Weinrib (34), a friend of top model Ali McDonnell, had the case against him adjourned for another six weeks.

The accused, with addresses at Heather Court, Stepaside Park, Stepaside, and a flat at the Lower Rathmines Road, had already been charged with stealing €3,200 at the Stout Bar, Rathmines, and €550 at an address at Charlemont, Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9, on May 3, 2010.

He is also now charged with inducing one of the two men by deception to pay him €3,200 on the pretence that the accused was selling holidays to Las Vegas and that he was working in conjunction with the Topflight holiday company at the Stout Bar on November 8 last year.

The second new charge is that he induced the second man to pay him €550 on the pretence that he was selling holidays to New York.

Garda Conor Bresnan told the court the accused made no reply when the latest charges were put to him. Judge Denis McLoughlin extended bail and legal aid from the existing charges at the request of defence solicitor Tony Collier.

He put the case back to a date in November. Weinrib has now been before the court six times in relation to the case. He did not address the court during the brief hearing.

Before the current proceedings, Weinrib had spent some time sharing a house in Rathfarnham with model Ali McDonnell and her partner Dr Mark Dempsey.

Neither Ms McDonnell nor Dr Dempsey have any connection with Weinrib's case.

Ms McDonnell had reportedly allowed him stay with them for several weeks because she was concerned about the case against him.