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Ex-club owner head-butted pub doorman

A FORMER nightclub owner head-butted a pub doorman in the face in a "mean and low" assault when he was asked to leave, a court heard.

Mark O'Loughlin (49) struck the security guard, leaving him with a bloody nose, as the victim politely held the door open for him in the incident following St Patrick's Day festivities.

O'Loughlin was identified on CCTV as the "well-dressed" attacker, but he denied assaulting the victim.

He claimed he was not the man on the footage despite a judge viewing it and saying the identification was "as clear as the nose on your face".

Sentencing was adjourned after he was found guilty.

O'Loughlin, of Sigurd Road, Manor Road, Dublin 7, pleaded not guilty to assaulting Gus Barrios at the Porterhouse pub, Nassau Street in the early hours of March 18.

Mr Barrios told the court he had been asked by another staff member to escort the defendant off the premises.

He told the accused, who was drinking a pint of lager, that he could finish his drink but he was not going to be served any more and asked him to leave.


As he held the door open, O'Loughlin lunged toward him and head-butted him in the face. In cross-examination, he denied grabbing the accused by the coat or punching him in the face.

The investigating garda said when he arrived the accused was being restrained by staff and the victim had a trickle of blood coming from his nose.

The accused was behaving in a "very strange manner" and was "flailing his arms around the place", shouting and roaring.

O'Loughlin said he had visited the premises because there was a "tapestry that he wanted to memorise".

He alleged he was "pounced on and completely clobbered by a security guard".

"I am not remotely impressed by your client's evidence," Judge Patrick Clyne told O'Loughlin's solicitor. "It is clear as the nose on everyone's face (on the CCTV) who it was and what happened. How a man cannot recognise himself on CCTV I do not know."

"The victim was ultra polite in holding the door open. I saw what your client did and it was mean and low".

The judge adjourned the case to June 14.